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Welcome to the collection of selected projects that reflect the diversity and innovation in the contemporary digital world. In this portfolio, you will discover unique websites and platforms that have been created with the user in mind and are designed to provide valuable informational resources, professional services, and opportunities for communication. From the cozy corners of guest houses, through the strategic services of law firms, to the inspiring pages of e-books and advanced AI platforms - each project is conceived and realized with the specific needs and interests of its audience in mind. Explore the world of, where free classifieds come to life and create connections between people and ideas. You are invited to browse and evaluate these creations that combine functionality with creativity, and to be inspired for your own endeavors.

An online news portal for current news and analyses in various fields such as politics, economy, and culture. The portal is well-structured and presents information in an accessible and convenient format.

  • Current News: Providing information on local and international events.
  • Diversity of Topics: A wide range of categories and analyses covering different sectors of public life.
  • Analyses and Reports: Publishing in-depth materials on current topics and trends.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Easy navigation and quick access to desired information.

Ah, This Television - Dawn Before Midnight

A reportage novel by Stefan Velev, presenting his perspective on the world of television. The author's approach and analyses offer an in-depth look at the media environment. The novel is available for online reading and contains 392 pages.

  • Unique Genre: A combination of different literary forms to present the media reality.
  • Author's Perspectives: Personal observations and experience in the media industry, presented in the context of the novel.
  • Accessibility for Online Reading: The opportunity to become acquainted with the content of the novel via the internet.
  • Rich Content: A voluminous text that examines numerous aspects of the topic.


An interface that allows users to utilize OpenAI's artificial intelligence models for various tasks. It offers direct interaction with AI and a variety of possibilities for generating text and other tasks.

  • Direct Interaction with AI: Providing a platform for communication with AI models for various purposes.
  • Variety of Possibilities: The ability to use AI for generating text, translations, and other functions.
  • Easy to Use: An intuitive interface that facilitates access to OpenAI technologies.
  • Accuracy and Usefulness: Continuous improvement of models to achieve higher accuracy in results.


An informational site that provides advice on choosing credit, directing users to registered and licensed lenders. It emphasizes precautionary measures when applying for loans and financial responsibility.

  • Advice on Choosing Credit: Providing information on finding suitable credit products.
  • Precautionary Measures: Emphasis on protecting consumers from financial risks.
  • Information on Bad Credit History: Guidelines for action in case of a bad credit history.
  • Financial Responsibility: Advice on managing credit and financial obligations.

Law Firm "Rayna Kraleeva"

A law firm in Sofia that focuses on an individual approach to clients and offers various legal services. It strives to be a long-term partner to its clients.

  • Individual Approach: Emphasis on personal attention to the needs and cases of clients.
  • Variety of Services: Offering comprehensive legal services in various areas of law.
  • Trust and Professionalism: Ensuring trust and a high professional standard in the services provided.

Guest House "Elena"

A website for a guest house located in the village of Kosovo, offering a unique experience with a combination of traditional style and modern amenities, ideal for rest and relaxation.

  • Idyllic Location: Situated in a quiet area close to nature, ideal for rest.
  • Traditional Style and Modern Amenities: A combination of Rhodope architecture with contemporary amenities for a comfortable stay.
  • Hospitality and Home Comfort: Providing a welcoming atmosphere and attention to the needs of each guest.
  • Ideal for Rest and Relaxation: Creating conditions for a complete rest and rejuvenation.

IT Galaxy

A site offering consultations for the integration of AI chatbots and SEO optimization, aimed at improving the online presence of businesses and automating communication with clients.

  • AI Chatbot Consultations: Assistance in developing and integrating AI chatbot systems.
  • SEO Consultations: Providing expert advice for improving the online visibility of a business.

GammaSoft 2003

A company that offers services in the field of social networks, including marketing, profile development, and popularizing businesses on social media.

  • Social Networks and Marketing: Promoting the business on social media to optimize the marketing strategy.
  • Personalized Solutions: Creating unique marketing plans tailored to the goals and needs of the client.
  • Comprehensive Strategies: Developing strategies for achieving long-term benefits and competitive advantage.
  • Effectiveness and Innovation: Applying innovative approaches for maximum use of social media.


A method for diagnosing diseases through thermovisual technology, which is non-invasive and suitable for various age groups, including pregnant women and heart patients.

  • Basic Principles: Using temperature deviations to detect health problems.
  • Harmlessness and Accessibility: Suitable for all age groups and without the risk of harmful emissions.
  • Precision and Effectiveness: High accuracy in diagnosing various diseases.
  • Pre-diagnosis: The possibility of early detection of diseases and timely treatment.


A firm that offers legal and accounting services focused on small and medium-sized businesses, aiming to provide quality and personalized solutions.

  • Comprehensive Service: A wide range of services aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Personalized Solutions: Adapting services to the unique needs of each client.
  • Quality and Trust: Providing services with guaranteed quality and fostering trust.
  • Long-term Partnerships: Building stable and lasting relationships with clients.


Specialized in the field of ionizing radiation, offering services such as the supply of radioactive substances, licensing and storage, as well as the development of radiation protection means.

  • Supply of Radioactive Substances: Services related to the supply of substances for various applications.
  • Licensing and Storage: Consultations and services for the regulation and safe storage of radioactive materials.
  • Radiation Protection Means and Materials: Development and supply of products for protection from ionizing radiation.
  • Specialized Measurements and Design: Offering specialized services for checking and assessing radiation safety.


A detective services and security agency that develops individual strategies for protection and strengthening the internal and external security of businesses and personal endeavors.

  • Individual Protection Systems: Developing personalized security plans and strategies.
  • Strengthening Internal and External Protection: Improving security policies and preventing risks.
  • Preventing Misuse: Protection against unauthorized use of intellectual property and business information.
  • Comprehensive Internal Company Security: An integrated approach to the security of the business and its resources.

Campaign Websites

This group of websites includes platforms such as,,,,, and , which focus on local initiatives, political campaigns, and social issues. They provide information on local referendums, political platforms and campaigns, as well as news and analyses of current events in various communities. These sites encourage active citizen participation in public processes and democratic governance.

  • Local Referendums and Initiatives: Providing information and encouraging participation in local campaigns.
  • Political Campaigns and Platforms: Informational support for political movements and their campaigns.
  • Social and Community Issues: Focus on current topics affecting communities and society as a whole.
  • Information Resources and Activism: Stimulating civic participation and awareness in public processes.

A platform that offers a wide range of categories for free classifieds, including cars, real estate, jobs, dating, and various types of services. The site is distinguished by an easy-to-navigate structure, quick and efficient ad posting, and is popular among Bulgarian users, attracting a significant number of unique visitors monthly.

  • Wide Range of Categories: A variety of options for posting and searching in different areas.
  • Easy Navigation: An intuitive interface for quick posting and finding of ads.
  • Free Ad Posting: The ability to post ads without payment.
  • High Popularity and Traffic: High visitation that ensures wide visibility of publications.

The "Loans and Credits" page on the site represents a central place for a variety of financial services aimed at individual and business needs. It offers a wide range of credit ads, including quick loans, mortgage loans, as well as specialized services for people with bad credit history. Visitors can find opportunities for refinancing existing loans, consolidating multiple credits into one for more convenient debt management, as well as special offers for pensioners and low-income individuals. The page also provides a platform for discussion and sharing experiences in forums related to lending, where users can exchange information and advice. This makes the site a valuable resource for anyone seeking financial assistance or advice in the field of lending.

Specialized pages in the field of lending:

The page offers a variety of ads for quick loans, aimed at people seeking urgent financing. The proposals include different types of loans, such as consumer loans, without proof of income, and even opportunities for people with bad credit history. The ads are from various creditors, including banks and non-banking financial institutions, offering a variety of terms and interest rates to meet the needs of different clients.

This page focuses on online lending, offering a quick and convenient way to obtain financing through the internet. Various options for online loans are presented, promising fast approval and an easy application process. It is suitable for people who prefer the speed and convenience of digital services while looking for competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans.

The page offers ads for quick online loans, which are ideal for people in urgent need of financing. These loans are convenient, with fast approval and minimal documentation requirements. The proposals include various options for short-term financing, which can be used to cover unexpected expenses or temporary financial difficulties.

This page focuses on loans designed to help people get by until their next paycheck. These loans are short-term and are usually repaid when the client receives their next payment. They are suitable for people who need small amounts of money to cover urgent expenses or deal with temporary financial troubles.

The page offers solutions for people with bad credit history who are seeking financing. The ads include various loan options that are accessible even to individuals with negative records in credit registries. This provides an opportunity for people with bad credit history (CRB) to obtain the necessary financing despite their past financial difficulties.

This page focuses on helping people with bad credit history and seizures who want to arrange a loan. Services are offered to assist in applying for loans despite the presence of negative records in credit registries or seizures. This is an opportunity for individuals with financial difficulties to access credit products that are usually unavailable to them.

The page offers options for consolidating loans into one, which can help people manage their debts more effectively. Consolidating loans can lead to lower monthly installments and better interest rates, making it easier to manage finances and reducing financial stress. The proposals are suitable for people with multiple loans who want to optimize their monthly payments. also includes categories for household repairs and services, construction and renovation services, legal and accounting services, computer and internet services, as well as car services and roadside assistance. These pages offer a variety of professional services that meet the needs of users for maintenance, repair, legal consultations, and technological support.

Household Repairs and Services

The category page "Household Repairs and Services" on the site represents an extensive catalog of services related to the maintenance and repair of the home and office. Here, users can find a variety of ads for professional services, including repair of household appliances such as washing machines, boilers, stoves, dryers, dishwashers, as well as electrical appliances like televisions and extractor hoods. The page also offers services for electrical installations, plumbing repairs, and other specialized repairs. The ads are detailed, including information about the services offered, prices, and contact details. This makes the page a valuable resource for anyone looking for reliable and quality services for the maintenance and repair of their home or office.

This page presents a variety of locksmith services offered in different cities in Bulgaria. The services include emergency door opening, lock change and repair, key making, including for cars. Specialized services such as safe opening and broken key repair are also offered. The ads are sorted by date and include information about prices, as well as contact details of the locksmiths. The page is useful for people looking for quick and reliable locksmith services in emergency situations.

This page also offers a variety of locksmith services, with an emphasis on 24-hour availability. The services include emergency opening of doors, cars, safes, and offices, as well as repair or replacement of broken keys. Services for key making, including those with chips, are also offered. The ads are detailed and include information about prices and contact details. The page is ideal for people who need urgent locksmith assistance at any time of the day.

Construction and Renovation Services

This category covers a wide range of construction and renovation services offered for various needs and projects. Included are services such as moving services, demolition and cleaning, plumbing services, roof repair, and other specialized activities. Each service is targeted at specific aspects of construction and renovation, offered by experienced professionals. This category is ideal for clients looking for reliable and quality construction and renovation services.

The services include transporting various types of goods, including furniture, household appliances, and other items. Moving services are ideal for people moving to a new home or office, as well as for those who need help moving heavy items. The companies offer professional service, ensuring the safety of your cargo during transportation.

This service covers the entire renovation process – from demolition of old structures to transportation of construction waste. It is suitable for clients who want to transform their living or office spaces. The service includes demolition of concrete, walls, tiles, and other construction materials, followed by professional cleaning of the site and transportation of the waste.

A specialized service for bathroom demolition, ideal for people planning to renovate or update their bathrooms. The service includes removal of old tiles, sanitary ware, and other elements, ensuring complete preparation of the space for subsequent renovation.

The service includes comprehensive cleaning of basements, which is particularly useful for people who want to free up space or prepare their basements for various purposes. Professional cleaning ensures the removal of all unnecessary items, waste, and dust.

This service is aimed at demolishing concrete structures, which is necessary for renovation activities or restructuring of spaces. The service is suitable for various objects, using specialized tools for effective and safe demolition.

Water supply and sewage services, including installation, repair, and maintenance of plumbing systems. The services are suitable for homes, offices, and industrial buildings, ensuring high quality and reliability.

The service includes repair and maintenance of roofs, which is important for ensuring the safety and longevity of buildings. Various types of repair activities are offered, including waterproofing, replacement of tiles, and improvements to the roof structure.

Car Service

The "Car Service" category on represents an extensive catalog of ads related to automotive services and repairs. Here, users can find a variety of professional car services, offering a wide range of services, including general repairs, maintenance, auto diagnostics, and specialized solutions for specific problems. The page is conveniently structured, allowing users to easily browse and compare different offers, prices, and locations of the services. This is the perfect place for anyone looking for reliable and quality automotive services.

The "Roadside Assistance" ads page on presents a variety of services for 24-hour road assistance. Here, clients can find reliable companies offering fast and efficient help in case of breakdowns, accidents, or other road incidents. The services include transportation of damaged or crashed vehicles, as well as providing emergency assistance on the road. The ads are detailed, offering information about prices, scope of services, and contact details, making it easier for users to choose the appropriate roadside assistance.

The "Cars for Scrap" ads page on is intended for people who want to sell their old or damaged cars for scrap. Here, services for purchasing and scrapping cars that are no longer in motion or are damaged are offered. The ads include information about the terms of purchase, prices, and provision of necessary documents for deregistration. This is a convenient way for owners of old cars to dispose of them while simultaneously receiving financial compensation.

Legal and Accounting Services

In the "Legal and Accounting Services" category on, clients can find a wide range of professional services covering everything from legal consultations to accounting solutions. This category provides access to qualified lawyers and accountants who can assist in various areas such as corporate law, taxation, labor disputes, litigation, and financial planning. Suitable for both individual clients and businesses, this category offers reliable and effective solutions for managing legal and accounting needs.

The "Company Registrations" page provides comprehensive services for registration and legal consulting of newly established companies. This service is ideal for entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to start their business in Bulgaria. Experienced lawyers and consultants offer assistance at all stages of the registration process, including document preparation, advice on the most suitable legal form of the company, and support in interactions with government institutions. This service ensures a smooth and hassle-free registration process, allowing clients to focus on the development of their business.

Computer and Internet Services

The "Computer and Internet Services" category on is a central place for all types of IT and internet services. Here, users can find a variety of services, including installation of operating systems, office packages, antivirus programs, web design, SEO optimization, and many more. This category is ideal for those seeking professional help in the field of information technology, whether for personal or business needs. From hardware maintenance to website development and digital marketing, here clients can find everything they need for their computer and internet requirements.

The "Website Development" page offers a wide range of services for creating professional websites. Here, clients can find experienced web designers and developers who provide personalized solutions for building unique and functional websites. The services include design, programming, SEO optimization, and website maintenance, ensuring that each website is not only visually attractive but also effective in attracting the target audience.

For those seeking employment, offers a rich selection of job listings both in Bulgaria and abroad, with a focus on available positions in Germany and the Czech Republic. The job pages provide information about various employment opportunities, conditions, and pay, thus facilitating job search and career development.


The job page on offers a variety of job listings in Bulgaria and abroad. It is a centralized place for job search, with a focus on employment opportunities abroad, especially in Germany and the Czech Republic. The listings are diverse and include positions for caregivers, medical workers, general laborers, and other specialized professions. The site offers a convenient interface for quickly searching for suitable listings, with each listing containing detailed information about the job, conditions, and pay. This makes the site a useful resource for people looking for jobs in Bulgaria and abroad, especially for those interested in working in the European Union.

The page presents a variety of listings for job positions in Germany. It is aimed at people looking for employment opportunities in this country, with listings covering different sectors and professions. The page is useful for Bulgarian citizens who want to work in Germany, offering them the opportunity to find a suitable job according to their skills and experience.

The page is specialized for people who want to work in Germany but do not speak German. It offers listings for job positions that do not require language skills, making it an ideal source for job seekers concerned about the language barrier. The listings are diverse and cover various industries and professions.

The Work from Home page on provides listings for jobs that can be performed from home. This is ideal for people looking for flexible work opportunities or who cannot commit to a full-time office job. The listings include various types of activities that can be performed from home, offering opportunities for additional income or primary employment.

In addition, the site offers specialized services such as funeral and burial services, which are of vital importance in difficult moments for users. These pages provide access to various funeral agencies and related services, easing the organization of funerals and related procedures.

Funeral Services

The "Funeral Services" page on offers a wide range of services related to the organization of funerals and mourning procedures. Here, users can find a variety of funeral agencies that offer comprehensive services for a dignified farewell to the deceased. From specialized transport and preparation of the remains to the creation of tombstones and organization of mourning events, this category covers everything necessary for the proper conduct of funeral procedures. The page is a useful resource for people faced with the task of organizing a funeral, providing easy access to various services and products needed in this difficult time.

The "Funeral Agency" page on features ads from various funeral agencies that offer comprehensive services for organizing funerals. Here, users can find information about various agencies that offer round-the-clock services, including transportation of the deceased, document arrangements, catering, cremations, memorial services, organization of the funeral service, and more. The page is a useful resource for those looking for a reliable and professional partner in organizing a funeral, offering easy access to various options and services that can ease this difficult process.

With its wide range of ads and services, establishes itself as a valuable resource for Bulgarian users looking for a convenient and reliable way to connect with others for commercial purposes or personal needs. The site continues to expand its presence and improve its services to meet the growing demands of its users.