Ionizing radiation is an area that requires specialization, particularly professional approach and detailed knowledge of legislation and practices of the specialized controls. For the convenience of its customers Gammakonsult offers comprehensive services in the following areas:

Design and licensing of facilities with sources of ionizing radiation – diagnostic and therapeutic medical offices and departments, industry, research and metrology laboratories, equipment and systems for process control. The service includes preparation of parts “Technology” and “Technical justification of radiation protection” from the technical design, preparation and coordination of all necessary licensing and operational documents, advice on choosing appropriate equipment, protective equipment, means of collective and individual dosimetric control, and providing specialized assistance in all matters in this area.

Transportation and intermediate storage of radioactive products. We have specialized vehicles and license for the transport of radioactive substances with a transport index to 6.0 and a weight of 1200 kg. To facilitate our customers, we offer licensed store in which items can be stored under appropriate security until further expedition. In urgent cases we can deliver your radioactive consignments within 24 hours anywhere within Bulgaria.

Development of radiation protection elements and equipment. Upon request, we also develop heavy-duty radioprotective elements for screens, door and technical equipment.
Terms can be provided or made ​​by us.

Measurement of patient doses in accordance with the requirements of medical standard imaging. Upon request, we provide an assessment of patient doses and compare them to reference levels of medical physics expert.

Quality control of radiographic systems. Services include starting and running custom tests on a subscription basis or as required by Regulation 30 of the Ministry of Health and Medical standard for diagnostic radiology. The company is registered as a contractor for these activities in the Ministry of Health.