Supplies and Products

For the needs of our customers we provide periodic and individual supplies from our wide range of regular suppliers. If the client desires, we get in touch with a specific producer and order a product of his choice. Complete and detailed information about our regular manufacturers and their products can be obtained from their websites.


Radioactive sets for in vitro diagnostics. Our major suppliers are Institute of Isotopes, IZOTOP Hungary (lower price range), Beckman Coulter France / Czech Republic (average price range) and Dia Sorin, USA (high price range). Gammakonsult is registered with the BDA wholesaler of medical devices from group 2. All products are registered in the EU.

Radioactive substances for research and metrology purposes from the manufacturers of the Eckert & Ziegler Group. Radioactive standards by trademarks Analytics, Isotope Products and Nuclitec ISOTRAKTM™, products come with a certificate from the authorized European metrological institutions.

Radioactive sources for industrial purposes, active phantoms for nuclear medicine, calibration sources for SPECT and PET scintigraphy of Eckert & Ziegler.

Radioactive labeled compounds on 3H, 14C, 32R and other radionuclides for research in biology, pharmacy, medicine, veterinary medicine and ecology. The products come from leading European and American manufacturers.

Radioactive sources and devices for brachytherapy, including those in ophthalmic applicators, cobalt and iridium HDR systems with afterloading, technology Seeds for prostate brachytherapy, production of Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG.

Radiation Protection

Articles of lead - lead foil thicknesses from 0.5 to 1.0 mm, lead sheets with thicknesses up to 8.0 mm, standard lead bricks of all types and sizes. The most commonly used sizes and thicknesses are maintained in stock. All products have appropriate certificates as required for use in construction. Radiation protective glass with dimensions of 35x35 cm to 150x120 cm lead equivalent of 1.5 to 6.0 mm. - in stock.Personal protection - coats, collars, skirts, vests, gonadal protect the lead equivalent of 0.25 to 0.5 mm - in stock.


Wide range of production, control and measuring apparatus and accessories thereto in the production of radioactive isotopes, radiation protection, nuclear medicine, metrology and quality control of radiological and nuclear medicine installations. Concrete models and details are worked out according to customer needs.